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Other Visa Links & Useful Resources

Government agencies and private sector resources are available to help emmigrating businessmen get visas and obtain financing

US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS)
(formerly, Immigration and Naturalization Service)

USCIS Forms and Fees

US Immigration Laws, Regulations and other legal resources

US Department of State

Visa Services

Visa Application Forms

US Passport Application Forms

US Embassy and Consulate Information

Instructions for Diversity Immigrant Visa (Lottery) Program

US Department of Labor

PERM Labor Certification Online System

Prevailing Wage Information

Prevailing Wage Skill Level Determination

Dictionary of Occupational Titles

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Other Government Resources

Instructions on applying for Driver's License - for all 50 states

Social Security Administration - Instructions on obtaining Social Security Number

Other Useful Resources

The U.S. Journal of Academics - provides an exclusive guide to US universities, community colleges, English language programs, summer schools, internships and executive education opportunities, particularly for non-U.S. students

Expat Financial.com - offers international health insurance and global life, travel and disability insurance to expatriates, their employers and local nationals around the world

Genelex.com - DNA Paternity Testing Laboratory

Global Travel Insurance - specializes in providing international travel medical insurance to individuals and employers regardless of where they live

Indian Translators - Translation Services for Indian (Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, etc) and International Languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese,etc)

LawGuru.com - Legal Research and Forms

Mishpat.net - Internet Legal Information

World Tourist Information search - Travel, Transport, Accommodation, Hotels, Bed and Breakfast, Lodgings, Vacation Rentals, Real Estate Agents and property to buy, Tourist Information Offices, Official Tourist Boards, Culture and Events.

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