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Florida Mergers / Acquisitions

Expansion of your business holdings through the acquisition of an existing business or merger with another company can increase your revenue base and allow you to tap new and diverse markets. I work with owners of medium and large companies to expand their businesses through mergers and acquisitions, and, with the assistance of my associates, am able to provide the same services to businesses of any size.

Florida Acquisitions

Acquiring an established business offers several advantages:

Florida Mergers / Acquisitions - The purchase of a business valued at $1.5 million or less may qualify for financing through the Small Business Administration. You will also have access to information about the performance of a business in its targeted markets as you seek to gain access to those markets through acquisition.

Florida Mergers / Acquisitions

Expanding an existing business through a merger with an established company carries these and other advantages. In addition to adding capital, infrastructure and expertise to your business, you may have the opportunity to Increase the revenue of your company by:

A Florida merger acquisition may also create opportunities for you to diversify your services, expand your customer base and add new streams of revenue. Mergers can also reduce overall operating costs through synergy and consolidation of operations between two or more companies.

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The success of an acquisition or merger will hinge upon the selection of the right business to buy or the right company with which to combine. I will provide you with access to a vast database of businesses available for sale or merger, as well as my analysis of the listings and pertinent data about each business. You can be assured that I accept only quality listings that pass a thorough qualification inspection.


I will guide you through the valuation process to help you establish an understanding of the value of all elements of the business and its earning potential, and what it has to offer to your company. As a transaction broker, I will work with you through all phases of an acquisition or merger, handling any obstacles as they arise and serving as a conduit of timely information between all parties involved.


As the deal is closed, I will ensure that all of the necessary documentation is assembled and properly prepared to complete the transaction. And I will be there to provide support through the transitional period following the completion of the deal.

Contact me for more information about business acquisitions and mergers, or if you are interested in the purchase of or a merger with another company.

Florida Mergers Acquisitions - Jim Straza, Florida Business Broker

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