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Business ownership offers strong opportunities for financial returns and professional satisfaction. For both the new and the established business owner, the purchase of an existing business has proven to be the most reliable path to success.

Buy a FL Business From an Experienced Florida Business Broker

With a thorough knowledge of the market, I will assist you in finding the best business acquisition to suit your needs. I provide key informational services to help you make the most of your investment. I will also assist you in navigating administrative and regulatory hurdles surrounding the successful purchase of a business.

Advantages of buying an Established Florida Business

Buying an established businesses offers several advantages over starting a new business.

Experience and Support

As a transaction broker, I will work with you, as well as individually and with the seller, through all phases of the business acquisition.

Analysis and Advice - How to Buy a Florida Business

At the outset, you will have access to a vast database of Florida businesses for sale, as well as my analysis of the listings and pertinent data about each business. As a buyer, be assured that I accept only quality listings that pass a thorough qualification inspection.

Accurate Valuations and Skilled Negotiations

When an business is selected, I will guide you through the valuation process to establish an understanding of the value of all elements of the business and its earning potential. As the purchase proceeds, I will manage any obstacles to the transaction as they arise in order to maintain the progress of the acquisition. During this process, I will serve as the conduit for timely news and information about the purchase between you and the seller. I will also handle negotiations and the presentation of offers and counter offers.

Successful Closing and On-going Support

As you and the seller close the deal, I will ensure that all of the necessary documentation is assembled and properly prepared to complete the transaction. And I will be there to work with you through the transition of ownership after the deal is closed.

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